Furze-Bard + Associates is a full service interior design firm offering the greatest possible depth of oversight and involvement in all aspects of a design project.

After extensive discussions with our client, the firm begins by developing preliminary plans, a budget, and a design concept. As part of its hands on approach, Furze-Bard uses hand-rendered sketches to portray each distinct design concept to clients. These hand renderings are invaluable in allowing clients to visualize the unique character of their living spaces. Additionally, detailed working drawings are provided for construction of all interior architecture, cabinetry, wall and flooring patterns, and finishes.

The firm maintains a thorough involvement in all aspects of the design project, including the hiring and oversight of contractors and tradesmen, and coordination with lighting designers, audio visual contractors and general trades. With function, comfort, and aesthetics considered at all times, Furze Bard + Associates works in conjunction with the client in carefully selecting all furnishings and fabrics.

All of the painstaking planning and detail serves to ensure that clients receive a finished living space that they will truly adore. So thorough is the firm’s involvement in a site’s development, that the principals are often asked to consult on exterior aspects as well.

Furze Bard’s passion is in crafting the most ideal living space imaginable, and that requires a firm commitment to each and every detail.